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The deadline for all print classified ads in the Quabbin and Suburban Zones is Friday at noon for publication the following week. The deadline for the Hill Towns Zone is Monday at noon.

The deadline for on-line/print classified ads is noon for the following day. All online ads will be published for 7 days including the corresponding print editions. In other words, if you place your on-line ad on Wed. it will be published from Thurs. till the following Wed. plus all of the print editions in the zones that you purchase.

Publication of ads placed on holidays (when our office is closed) will be delayed by one day.

Tips for writing your ad:

Use Keywords in your ad.

When writing your classified line ad, start with the item or service you provide first. This will be a keyword. People who are looking for a particular item will find it more easily if the keyword is set in a bolder type face.

Be descriptive.

Provide information, Avoid abbreviations... don’t try to save on words. Be descriptive. If someone is interested in purchasing your item or service they want all the information they can get.

Be creative.

Interesting ads work better than lists. Make your ad interesting to read. Sell what your item or service does, not what it is. Describe the benefits that your customer will receive from your item or service. Be creative and make your ad fun to read.

Product, presentation, market & timing:

Consider the market for your item or service. Are you more likely to find a buyer in a metropolitan or a rural setting? Is the price of your item or service commensurate with the economic demographics of the area? What about the time of year? It may be difficult to sell your bicycle in January or your snow blower in July.

Think locally but reach as far as you can:

People like to shop locally. Write your ad as if you were speaking to your next door neighbor. Use our zones to target the geography you want to cover, and make that area as large as you possibly can. If you are in the service industry always give yourself the right of refusal.